Manager Profile

Favorite team: “All time favorite team Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson as manager was the best years, gotta support your countries national team England and managing CJB Wolves going to be supporting the team, and all of CJB teams “

Favorite Player: ” Favorite player ever has to be Paul Scholes he just had that magic touch and passes like something out of this world they were unbelievable and very underrated player, But on the Wolves team, I will not and do not have a favorite, because they are all great players”

Role: “My role on the team is the teams manager which has been great”

On The Team: “This team has been great couldn’t ask for a better group, there is never a dull moment and all support each other and encourage their teammates no matter the situation”

Being Part of The Team:” Being part of the team has been great, I maybe the teams manager but with the management team it’s been fantastic to have both of them a long side me, we all share the same view and vision for the team. Managing the team has been great and just seeing how far they’ve leaped this past year has made being part/ managing this team more rewarding and to see their progress is great” 

Managers Quote: “All ways aim high because there is something to challenge for, set yourself a easy target and you’ve reached it and relax and nothing will push you to be motivated and be the best you can be because you potential is limitless and not put down to what everyone thinks”

Football Manager aim: “My aim is to do what all managers want for their players, to make them the best they can be, make their footballing dream come true. But my personal dream is one day get all my coaching degrees and manage premier league first team football, maybe a big dream but dreaming that is pushing and motivating me to reach the target. Who’s to say I could be managing first team football and 10 years time I could have the same player but in the professional league. But dreaming big is what is helping me push myself ” 

“I am thankful to everyone who is a member of this amazing team, both assistant managers, the parents and all the kids who has made this team run so smoothly and shown shocking progress in a year, started off rough but the team found their edge and they became a fantastic team. There is never a dull moment with this team, always can have a laugh with all the parents and kids always can make you laugh as well. It’s a great team and nothing can convince me otherwise”-Manager¬†