CJB Wolves team management
CJB Wolves 2020/21 playing squad

The Management Team 2020/21

Aaron Nicholls Wolves Manager

Contact: 07852101235
"There is never a dull moment with this team, always showing respect to everyone a absolute pleasure to Manage this group"

The Playing Squad 2020/21

"Great goalkeeper for the team and strong great attitude and always wanting to learn more always paying attention and gets stuck in to make important saves "-Manager

"Physically strong, great attitude, model of a well behaved player and a team leader and team player and always gets involved and never holds back"-Manager

"Another team leader, can quickly adapt to different positions quickly, pacey and strong he can be multi positional and always ready to switch, always showing great attitude to everyone"-Manager

"New to the team but has settled in really well, and in her first match has put in a confident performance and didn't seem phased goes to show she's up for the challenge"-Manager

"New to the team but put in a really good performance, confident on and off the ball and has quickly adapted in the match"-Manager

"New to the team but put in a really good performance, and went o to show his strengths such as passing accuracy and has developed great communication with his new teammates"-Manager

"Fair Play award 2019/20 winner, off the pitch he is hardly heard but on the pitch he makes a impact and always kind to everyone on any team plays with all effort and does his best and always puts in a great performance and never gives up"-Manager

"Players player of the year 2019/20 as voted by his team, he maybe the youngest but he doesn't let that bother him and plays with great determination and a big heart"-Manager

"Great attitude always up for a challenge and has a fantastic accurate shot on him, a pacey player that always looks for the right pass and looking for that valuable space for an attack and has brought with him a creative style of play"-Manager

"Managers Player of the year 2019/20, grown tremendously over the past year and doesn't look like the same player he did a year ago"-Manager

"Gets stuck in joined part way through last season but he didn't let that stop him from playing well up front, this players behavior has came on a lot and shows respect to his teammates and always pushes and challenges himself each game"-Manager

"Parents player of the year 2019/20, gets stuck into the game and has started to use his team more to help him, he shows great respect and keeps going and determined to do his best and always up for a challenge and looks to always push himself in matches"-Manager

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Team Talk

Managers & Coaches:

“The team put in a great effort in their first pre-season match ready for the new 2020/21 season to start. They kept going to the very end. Showed great respect to each other and the opposition which happened to be a fellow CJB team in the Thunderbolts they gave the team a much needed welcome back to matches. great respect was shown, we may not have done  man of the match but 2019/20 season trophies were handed out and everyone got the trophies they have well and truly earned. The fact that this team never gives up has a great attitude and gives 100% further shows their dedication and how much they want to get better. I couldn’t ask for a better group of supportive parents, who create a atmosphere for the kids to play to and find a rhythm, the parents have all shown great support and respect, they all follow the rules and help each other as well. They are also a group you could have a good conversation and have a laugh with. The kids with great, strong, respectful attitude and never gives up they are a testament to how far they have come a long this past season, the team are always a laugh and never a dull moment with them. With new players joining the team we can only expect that a continues progression will be in store for this team”-Manager


“Team has become really strong over the last year”-Parent

“The manager if fair to all the kids the same and shows not favorite. My child didn’t start with so much confident’s but has helped him settle in. He is very dedicated to his team as he walks it to matches, he always makes training fun for all the kids so they all enjoy it. He is doing a fab job.”-Parent 

“He is a very fair manager, he makes selections fair and rotates the team every week. My child hasn’t been treated any different that any of the others he can be a handful and is treated just like the others and i wouldn’t expect anything other, He has been patient and help him adjust. He has helped my child get to know the others on the team and he’s made new friends with the other players. The Manager does conduct himself in the leadership/ Manager role, He gets better every week and my son really looks up to him, and always shows professionalism. He is always prepared and committed to the team. Training is set out for all abilities and everyone gets support nothing too hard and easy to understand.He is easy to talk too and can be laugh to talk to not just the kids but to the parents as well. The team has grown so much over the last year, My own child’s skill and ability have improved, and learnt so much. The manager is never negative he always gives praise where it’s needed and includes everyone, the kids and the parents and doesn’t give criticism he gives advice to help the kids a long. I think the manager is doing a great job, the whole team look up to him as a friend, a older brother as well as their manager, he accepts them all for who they are and encourages everyone with his charisma. I agree with everything the manager says he is honest and based on facts and he’s serious but encouraging when he wants the kids to reach their potential. He is a very good manager and my child loves being part of Chesterfield Junior Blues- my child has developed his skills and helped him make new friends along with improving his behavior- the manager is committed to his role and is always helpful if I or my child has a question about the sport or team- thank you”- Parent


“I think everyone has got better over the lat year and made so many new friends”-Player

“The manager is respectful and helpful and always encourages us, He shows me how to do something correctly to show me the skill move and encourages me to try it if I’m not doing it right. The manager helps when we are struggling on stuff and helps us understand more, He’s a great manager he’s funny and makes us all laugh”- Player

“I love the team and love what I have learnt, and all the other players help me too- I want to be like Messi in he future. The manager always gives praise where it’s due and give us advise on how to get better.The manager is the right fit for the team is better than anyone else and I like him as our manager,He is a nice manager and helps all the team and is very good at his job”-Player

Match Review

“Second league game and the team played with great effort showing 100% work rate. The team communicated well and helped each other out. Both Wolves and their opposition showed great respect to each other. Wolves played until the final whistle and never stopped trying to show what they can truly do, overall a fantastic match and great performance keep on going Wolves ⚽🐺🐺”

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