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“Gets stuck in joined part way through last season but he didn’t let that stop him from playing well up front, this players behavior has came on a lot  and shows respect to his teammates and always pushes and challenges himself  each and every game. He was a late starter to the team joining only half way through the season. When he started he had a bit of adjustment issues with his teammates and got angry quickly, but now his attitude is better since the return to football I’ve only had one week I had to put him back on the right track but since I have not at all, he has even  begun to talk to me more if he get’s angry(which is hardly ever now) which is probably because he has begun to talk to his team more. The players shooting has started to show great improvement with better accuracy and more power behind it, he communicates with the team and encourages them to move up the pitch. The things he needs to work on is he moves to far out of position and leaves space upfront where he should be ready for the counter-attack and that he tries to use skill moves he’s not too confident with using in matches which should be halted until he knows he can use them and matches and only use them at training until he is confident and knows he can do them in matches. But his drive and continues challenging himself will be the upsides he’s always open to advice to help him further himself” -Manager