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“This player has been fantastic player in goal this past season, he takes charge of situations, great goalkeeper for the team and strong great attitude and always wanting to learn more always paying attention and gets stuck in to make important saves. In the 2019/20 season the player started out as a Midfielder then moved to Defense before finding his prime position as the teams number 1. At the start of the 2019/20 season this player struggled to begin with, but it wasn’t until he played in goal for a match he found his enjoyment and his rightful position, the player didn’t show much confidence to begin with but he vastly improved by claiming the ball as his own quickly in his box and playing a more modern sweeper keeper role than the traditional goalkeeper role this player has taken in everything I’ve said and become a much more and confident player which shows he is a great strong keeper but not just any player a sweeper keeper. The players attitude has changed for the positive, at the start he was not much of a listener but he now takes note and repeats it to himself so he knows what he needs to do in all different situations and it’s helped him go from strength to strength “-Manager