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“physically strong, great attitude, model of a well behaved player and a team leader and team player and always gets involved and never holds back, This player has improved from the beginning of the 2019/20 season by, now this player looks up when he’s looking to pass and not just kick it loose, this can be the said for when he’s looking to clear the ball, before he would just boot it down the pitch leaving it for anyone to get but now he has begun to look up and look for a close down player and hit a heavy through ball to the player weather it’s on the wing or through the center of the pitch. As for his attitude not much can be said as his behavior has been brilliant all the way through and made himself a captain like player due to the way he takes charge of his team on and off the pitch, weather it’s shouting commands, giving praise or advice. He is the most physically strong player and will force the player to make a mistake to take the advantage, which is why he’s a great defender”-Manager