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“Players player of the year 2019/20 as voted by his team, he maybe the youngest but he doesn’t let that bother him and plays with great determination and a big heart, with him being the youngest on the team it took him a little longer to adjust but he quickly caught up with the rest of the team. He has a great attitude to everyone which goes to explain why he won the player player of the year award, he never gives up and pushes himself to get better each week. When the player first started with the team he seemed a little shy as the rest of the team was older but he settled in quickly, he began to get his passes more accurate as to begin with they wasn’t but he’s a whole new player, more accurate, his shooting is stronger and more precise and with the player being strong with both feet he could use both to create chances or finish off the attack. This player also has great knowledge of the game because he has taken in everything I’ve asked him to do and taught him, and when he’s on the attack he sneaks in behind the defense to find and create space”-Manager