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“Managers player of the year 2019/20, grown a lot over the past year, a fast player who finds various was to communicate to his team and has a very accurate pass and attitude has been brilliant and has been one of the most creative players this season “-Manager

“over the past year this player has shown great growth, He started off as a loud player who wouldn’t listen much and didn’t know what I asked him to do because he wasn’t listening, he wasn’t too confident on the ball either, this player started off as the teams goalkeeper but moved into defense for two games to them find his rightful strongest position which has been on the left wing where he cuts the ball back to play the ball into the box and uses his pace as the advantage as he’s got great pace and stamina. This player is also very creative as he always looks to push up the pitch and create as many chances that he can. The player also has one of the most accurate passes on the team when he takes his time and not rush what he’s doing. As for this players behavior it has completely changed and no longer the same kid and grown as a person, he now asks more questions when he doesn’t understand anything that I’ve said and asks me to explain it for him, because of this the player has even started to speak more technically and tactically to show he understands the game more, this also shows his knowledge has improved greatly o football. The player is also one of the most respectful kids on the team with how he talks to everyone on the team. He has also shown a never give up attitude and plays until the final whistle and gives 100% each game. The player uses a more basic style of play and use skill moves to distract him, the lack of skill moves shows his style of play is based more on his pace, stamina and accuracy, which goes to show why he’s 2019/20 managers player of the year”-Manager